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After 22 successful years in the police force as an award-winning detective, I had had enough.

The unrelenting demands of investigations and raising two young children as a single mother had taken their toll on me.
I was extremely worn down with stress-induced insomnia trying to juggle the demands of parenthood and a high-demand job.
It was compounded by the overwhelming feeling that there had to be a better way to live my life. To be a good mother and be successful at my work.

My decision to quit after serving in the police force for so long, was a tough one to make. Working 26-hour shifts in a high-pressure environment had pushed me close to breaking point.

I wanted to find work I enjoyed, but where I was in control, instead of someone else.

My family didn’t have a lot of money when I grew up. We lived hand-to-mouth most days but, even from such a young age, I was very aware of not wanting that for my family. I always wanted the best possible life.
Shortly after my decision to quit, I decided that I would build a business to help me do exactly that; enjoy a substantial income doing work that I love without the suffocating pressure of a traditional career and being employed by someone else.

I began a partnership with a large commercial energy procurement company helping companies secure utility contracts. Problem was, I wasn’t known and had no credibility in this industry. I had to build my customer base from scratch and with very little sales experience, it was a tough place for me to be.

Initially, I was able to secure some good clients making cold calls and visits to business premises however, my pipeline and sales were inconsistent and I had no real system in place for generating high-quality, inbound leads for my business. It was all very hit-and-miss and a precarious position to be in as a commission only, self-employed sales person with a young family to support.

Fortunately, I discovered the power of using social networks, in particular LinkedIn, to find and engage my ideal customers “social selling”

By social selling I could build my online networks, provide valuable insights to those whose problems I could help to solve with my business solutions. I would nurture the relationship until they were ready to learn more about my products and services and go on to make a decision to buy.

By following the steps and implementing the training I was given, I secured my first five-figure commission paying customer using LinkedIn within a matter of a few short weeks. This was a huge breakthrough in sales for me!

No more uncertainty with my lead generation. I was targeting and communicating with exactly the right types of people and businesses who could theoretically buy from me. I kept using the tools I had learnt, and kept securing clients for my energy business, in addition to this, I found sales people on LinkedIn who wanted to work alongside me in my business and earn an income for themselves.

Eventually, I decided to move away from the energy sector but what I found was that the skills I had learned and used, were transferrable across my other businesses in completely different sectors too.

Because of the struggles I know others face in getting consistent inbound sales leads for their business, I am now committed to working with business owners and companies helping them to achieve sales and marketing success by leveraging the power of social selling ensuring they become known as experts in their industry.

I absolutely love what I do!

I don’t work 26-hour shifts anymore. I eat well, exercise regularly and spend time with my children and do the things that serve me mentally and physically. I meditate daily, laugh, smile and love.

Whatever crossroads you find yourself at in life, just always know that there is always a way to change things to your advantage.
If you want to know more about working with me to help you get better sales results in your business, book a quick “Create your social selling strategy” call with me using this link…